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Welcome to the William Mills (Marine) Limited website – manufacturer of hooks under the brand names of TITAN, ATLAS, SPARTAN, EMPRESS – now part of the Umoe Schat-Harding group of companies.
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The supply of new hooks, refurbishment, re-testing, regulatory inspection/testing, after-sales and service business is now managed by Schat-Harding’s UK office in Gosport, and is supported by the group’s international network of Service Stations and agents in strategic worldwide maritime locations.

Schat-Harding is able to offer specialist certified training in maintenance and operation of TITAN On-Load Release Units to ships crews and operators.

For new lifeboats and rescue boat systems please click the PRODUCTS button and contact your regional Umoe Schat-Harding office.

Never imitate safety - always use genuine MILLS MARINE original spare parts, which are only available through the Schat-Harding organisation.

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