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Company History William Mills (Marine) Limited was established by Sir William Mills almost 100 years ago. He was the son of a Sunderland shipbuilder and qualified as a marine engineer eventually basing his business in Birmingham UK.

Sir William Mills was an inventor and innovator, with several landmark achievements during his lifetime (1856 to 1932):

• Built the first aluminium foundry in Great Britain

• Designed the first aluminium head golf club type RNG, which was manufactured by the Standard Mills company based in Sunderland

• Invented and developed the MILLS Bomb in 1915, which was the first hand grenade to be time activated after removing safety pin and releasing handle. This grenade was so successful that it was still in use right up to the 1960’s

• Developed a range of high quality specialist hooks for lifeboats, work boats, rescue boats and liferafts

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